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Dr. Shohreh Soltani was born in Shiraz (Iran) on 20.09.1965, graduated in Medicine at the University of Milan in the academic year 1992/1993 with a vote of 110 cum laude. At the University of Turin, in the academic year 1997/1998, she specialized in Dermatology and Venereology and then the Master's Level II, in DERMOSURGERY at the University of Siena.  

Titles of some papers and publications:


       ·     Sentinel lymphnode dissection in stage I/II melanoma patients: surgical managemente and clinical follow-up study. (Giuseppe Macripò, Pietro Quaglino, Virginia Caliendo, Anna Maria Ronco, Shohreh Soltani, Elena Giacone, Stefano Pau, Maria Teresa Fierro , Maria Grazia Bernengo)

Published in Melanoma Research, Volume 14, Number 2, April 2004.
Presented at the Third Research Meeting on Melanoma, European Institute of Oncology, May 2003


       ·    Epithelioma of the nasal pyramid: reconstructive issues (V.Caliendo, A.M. Ronco, S.Soltani, S.Pau, E. Giacone, G. Macripò)

Presented at the XIX National Congress S.I.D.C.O. April 2004.


       ·     Dermatological oncological surgery in day surgery (A.M.Ronco, V.Caliendo, G.Macripò, S.Soltani, E.Giacone, S.Pau, M.Illengo.)

        Presented at the XIX National Congress S.I.D.C.O. April 2004.


        ·     A case of cutaneous localization of lung cancer (V.Caliendo, A. Ronco, S.Soltani, E.Giacone, S.Pau, C.Tomasini, V.Dongiovanni,G,Macripò)

Presented at the XVIII Congress S.I.D.C.O. April 2003


        ·     Cutaneous metastases from lung cancer (V.Caliendo, A.Ronco, S.Soltani, E.Giacone, S.Pau, G.Macinò)

Presentato al XVIII congresso S.I.D.C.O. Aprile 2003


        ·    Use of skin expanders in Dermosurgery (V.Caliendo, A.M.Ronco,S.Soltani, E.Giacone, S.Pau, G.Macripò)


        ·    Sentinel LN biopsy in melanoma of the cranial cephalic district (G.Macripò, A.M.Ronco, V.Caliendo, S.Soltani, E.Giacone, S.Pau)


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